Jul 202014

We were on the beach, a long secluded section you know about. The sun was hot, the surf crashing on the sand. We ate a picnic lunch. What a lovely sight, you eating a sandwich, the wind blowing in your hair. You wore a two piece bathing suit. After lunch you were sleepy, and you lay down on the blanket and closed your eyes. I went for a walk along the beach, not going anywhere, just strolling.Lisa:We found our favorite spot on the beach, secluded and undisturbed. We ate lunch in silence, gazing at each other and knowing our thoughts, mine centred on the fantasies we had talked about last night. It had kept me up until deep into the night, and feeling sleepy after lunch, I prepared to lay on a blanket while you went for a stroll, taking out a tube of lubrication just in case we thought to act out our fantasy before returning to the real world.Laying there, the sun soaking into my skin, my thoughts went back to the scene we had envisioned together. I was suspended in the air, tied to a ceiling fixture, partly bent over a bench in the centre of the room, my arms raised and held by leather straps, and my hips leaning forward and exposing my naked buttocks. I was dressed in only a thong and a bra, not unlike the bikini I was now wearing. I smiled as I lay there envisioning you coming into the room, tying a blindfold on me, and stroking my skin, raising my anticipation.Art:When I come back you are lying on your belly. I'm not sure if you are asleep or not as I come up behind you. There is a tube of lube lying on the blanket beside you. It wasn't there when I left.Lisa:I felt rather than heard you return from your stroll just then, and secretly smiling, stayed in my fantasy as I felt you straddling my legs, imagining that it was you in the room coming up closely behind me and taking off my thong. Your touch sends shivers up my entire body, and I hold still, not wanting you to know that I am completely awake.Art:I kneel on the blanket, straddling your legs. I touch the backs of your knees and my fingers glide up the backs of your thighs. You stir, but you do not turn around. My fingers slip into the top of your suit bottom and I pull it down, exposing your smooth buttocks. The bikini bottoms slide down your legs, I slip them past your ankles and drop them on the blanket. Bending down, I kiss your ass cheeks. My hands move under your hips and I pull you to your knees.Lisa:Feeling you kissing my buttocks, my heart begins to pound, and when you lift me to my knees, I keep my eyes closed, imagining you grasping me from behind in order to impale me in my fantasy. You lube your fingers and start to probe me, and as I feel your fingers glide into my ass I shudder, supressing a moan.

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Jul 202014

Do not leave for tomorrow what you can kiss me tonight.that is rich and warm myself have a delicious orgasm, I'm new here but I like my work give joys to others and they give me the ami's great.I want to be the best favorite of you will try to learn more every day so new to show my skills sensual woman I love sex I like to please our please me and I like to play, do things posisicones. hope you like it because I love kisses ami.I also like to meet a person in which trust oueda tell some of my things and you have to and I already know my ma will'm new but I'm the better thanks :) :) cute tomorrow night I hope to see you all.

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Jul 202014

As a first time performer on here, I have a lot to learn! I'm getting used to it by watching other sexy models do their shows. But I know I can do better than them! I like to keep my customer interested the whole time by smacking my lips, licking a dildo, and general teasing ;) At least I know people will appreciate this as well as my huge tits, because I love them too! This schoolgirl has a lot of learning to do!

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Jul 192014

Honestly this is a no brainer.I mean I always wanted to fly but that is not a great fighting chance against an evil villain.Then again neither is this power. I would have to set my sights on seeing through people's clothes!Haha what can I say I am honestly perverted. What's wrong with a bit of honesty? I'd love to see if people truly dress sexy for themselves and if so it would just be a big bonus cause well they are sharing it with me. This can't hurt right? Lol on that dirty note, I am sure I would encounter some funky things, weird things, but I am all for seeing through men and women's clothes. Cute bras, panties, shlongs, and well we all know I love boxers and briefs. Don't worry white titey's you have you're place somewhere. Not next to me at the moment hehe.On a moral standpoint, I would like to just be immortal and be strong. I would be a normal individual going about my business. But when I saw someone being bullied, robbed, what ever the case, I'd love to be able to step in and whoop butt.At 5'3 and around 125lbds, this is no easy task with no gym training 7 days a week. I wouldn't want anyone to be able to tell I had this power unless they saw me. I don't want to turn green or turn all blue and look like an alien.I want to be, me still.I love helping people so that's what drives that trainWhat would your superhero power be?

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Jul 182014

Every day people say "oh I dream of doing that one day!" We all need to not just dream but start to chase them. Dreams are what make us human. We all have dreams, desires, wants, needs; but only a few will actually go after them. Regardless of fear of not being able to accomplish them or feeling inadequate to do them, just do it! Dream Big. Chase Them. xx

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