Oct 222014

So it has officially been a week since I started as a Pandora Model and I must say I'm LOVING it! First off, I want to thank all of my PAYING customers... whether it be by tipping or private shows. Just know, your money TURNS ME ON!! A man who spoils me has earned a special place in my heart. I LOVE to be spoiled and treated like a pretty princess. I did my first unclothed show the other day and I must admit I was kind of shy. Although, it was not the best performance I could have given, if you're into the shy girl thing, you definitely want to give this one a looksie ;). If you want to see this video, you can message me and I will share this VOD exclusively with YOU! Lastly, I want to thank the Pandora support staff for being so supportive in helping me navigate through my first week! I get emails daily on how I am doing and how I can be better, so stay tuned fellas because the only way to go is up!Come join me on cloud nine sometime, wontcha?!?!Well that's it for now... I will be on cam in a few so I'm off to get super cute for you guys! Always a pleasure, Shellie xoxoxo

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Oct 222014

Thank you for coming to my room and enjoying me...When you come into my room I would appreciate you at least saying Hi to me...Then while your in my room I hope you enjoy our conversations & our fun we can have together. The more you interact with me the more fun we can have in my room. I want to get to know you more on a one on one level. So I would love to go into a private show with you and find out your naughty secrets so I can fulfill your naughty fantasy together...It really gets me excited and turned on. And If you have a cam I love to cam2cam together...Cause I love to watch you while your being naughty and you watching me so I can see how excited I'm getting you. One of my fetishes is to watch a guy jacking off, seeing him with his hand wrapped around his hard cock and seeing his vascularity in his fore arms and hands as he's stroking his cock while watching me...It gets me sooo wet and makes me cum really really good!! With me just thinking about watching you right now is making me want to start playing with my tight wet pussy right now!!! MMMM!! Let's Play Now and Cum together really good!! Purrrrr!!! :-P

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Oct 222014

Today was my first day on the web cam, and i must say i really enjoyed all the complements, and laughs we got to share. im looking forward to learning how to please and tease and haver fun all at once. if there is ever something that im doing that offends or hurts ur feelings in anyway just email me dont leave me. Thank you for making my first day amazing..... MY FANS ROCK... oh actully i just might only have one but he is the shit!!

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Oct 222014

Hey everybody! So, yesterday was my first day being a webcam girl for flirt4free...I had so much fun! I decided to start working for flirt4free to help pay for my expenses during my first year at college, and it was one of the best decisions I've made. I'm having so much fun! It's only my second day and I've already met some great customers who I really think I connected with! I can't wait too see what the future holds for me at flirt4free. All the customers are really respectful and fun to talk to. I posted a schedule and since I'm still getting used to my new job I'm sure there will be some changes to it. I'm on here pretty often though! Cant wait to meet you all, come visit me ;)xoxo, Sarah

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Oct 212014

Hello! I'm back.... After some time away I am keen to have some good times on here with you guys ;)Please message me and get to know me for some flirtatious sexy time!! Im dyyyying for some steamy fun on cam!! xxx

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