Sep 192014

My pink rabbit is my favorite toy because, I love the pleasure it gives me as the rabbit vibrates my clitoris and the head moves in two different directions. I have many toys but, I find this one to be my favorite I think it is because of the color and the way it makes me feel. I enjoy all my other toys I just enjoy this one a little bit more. I just got it recently so I am all into using it all the time, I would love for you guys to watch me use it some time. My other toys consist of a butterfly, a purple dildo, a big black dildo and last but not least a little bullet with my birthstone at the top of it. I would love to buy more toys but that will just have to wait until I can get more hehehehe. My toys are a part of the girl I have become on this site and in my personal life. I love using these toys to express my pleasure to my viewers, I hope you all enjoy watching me use them some time, my hope is that you boys get as much joy out of watching me use them as I do in fact get great joy in pleasuring myself on and off camera.I love you all Angel pink

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Veyda: Threesomes

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Sep 192014

I don't know What it is but I get this tingling feeling in my pussy when I see another woman sucking a man's dick.. mmm better yet I can vision a scenario.. Juan Tessa and Chloe are good friends and when they get drunk they start to play with one another. Juan goes over to Chloe and starts to suck on her neck and down her chest and stubbles over her huge tan nipples and grasps, with his huge hand around Her boob and starts to suck the shit out of Jeff nipples as Juan does that Tessa comes over and starts to take down her pants..she then starts to kiss her ass while she pulls down her red lace thong and kisses her down to her feet Tessa has a foot fetish as well as a Chloe fetish! Chloe turns around and unbuckled Juan's belt and bent over and pulled them down and at that moment Tessa licks Chloe's pussy from the front of the pussy to the asshole and sticks her tongue in it ..Juan is pushed down by Chloe and continues to stand over Juan and deepthroats his big huge dick until she starts to choke (mmmm I'm getting so wet)Tessa is starts to put 2fingers in Chloe's pussy and continues to eat her ass out (oh shit.. I think I want to masturbate, Fuck it I'm gonna play w my pussy) Ugh oh shit mmmmmm Damn I need to have an orgasm. I need to use my bullet and fucking squirt everywhere...Want me to finish..stay tuned! Muah xoxo

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Sep 182014

In recent days, I have been so stressed. The best ways for me to take stress out? Give a good blowjob (and do I ever love doing that) and getting banged hard for a long time. The last time I got some good sex was over a week ago and let me tell you, that does not cut it for me! I'm the kind of girl that could take it for hours daily, and the only person I actually get it from is HOURS away. I really wish he were closer, it would make life so much easier :/.It's also been a rough start for me on this site. I literally just joined, but I'm sure most of you know that already. I have had a lot of fake tippers... won't happen again, but it did my first free chat. I am just a bbw trying to help some nice guys in return for them helping me take care of myself ;) why is that so hard (pun intended)? I want to get off while you Come on now guys, let's just play nice together.Well, until I write (or talk to some of you) again, keep it real and have a fabulous time.xo, Shania

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Sep 162014

Send me an email with your fantasy and we can get it going! Love licking and humping! I love talking to you guys if only I can star in a reality show so that more people ca know about flirt 4 free and watch me touch myself because I get so horny. I would wear sexy lingerie o the show, along with flirty high heel! Lots of cleavage and romantic perfume!Use that money from the show to buy better props for my show. Better toyz and have better fun!

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Sep 162014

If I won the lottery, I would definitely become rich, help family out that needed it, go and buy a whole new wardrobe and tons of lingerie and sex toys and etc plus buy a home and save up :) My desires are loving sex outdoors, its such a rush, and i love it! I don't have a exact spot maybe the beach and many others but it turns me on :)

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