Dec 182014

i LOVE to have fun and try new things i LOVE sex and feel like im missing out on exiting diff ways to get off and have naughty fun. lately i want to try new things and fetishes that i used to think were bizarre or weird lol i have this urge and willingness.its frustrating a lil bit because im not sure on how to go about fullfilling all of these desires i have ,like how to go about participating in these naughty actions with somebody that feels the same but also who im 100%comfortable with lol and ill need to get the toys,necessities to do it. i feel like my sex life,actually my life in general is so dull lately:/ same thing everyday,ugh it gets old im getting antsy lol!!! i want to pamper myself as well ,tanning,shopping,nails done,hair done,all of those nice things us girls love to do for that means money ,lol i feel impatient i just hope to be good at this too

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Dec 182014

hello boys and girls from all over the world,im first day here, ready for some fun and quality moments with yu, ready for some private moments. Im waiting for you today , im alone and hot in my room, in my bed.How about you?are you still at work i think,still few working days untill xmas you have some plans for xmas this year? i know , good wine, maybe a sexy and why not wild lady...nice moments:). but for new year night do you have something to do? maybe a big big party with a lot of girls ,some good food and a lot of romantic moments? sounds good i know, also i want to make love on the new year night, i love this, i will be in a mini skirt,some white stockings..ready for a wild and sexy night:)i have to go to prepare my first coffe for today , after this i have to go to gym, i have to make some shopping , i really need some food:)) some bannas, some coffee,my stock are low:). after all of this i have to sleep cause 2morrow im here, online, with you. untill i see you 2morrow i whish you a very nice, wild and why not sexy day:) many kisses and a big big hug.bye bye

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Dec 182014

So, my favorite thing about myself is my phenomenal personality and if you knew me, you would agree. ;) Accepting your awesome individuality should be a default setting. :) I have the type of personality that's borderline reminiscent of a chameleon, I adapt to situations and different people with ease. I have an ability to make people feel amazing, like they should everyday. I might be slightly perverse but I'm so pleased when I can find just the right combination of words, if you want to feel sexy, wanted, important, untouchable, special or just simply happy, those are all needs I enjoy giving because after all, sharing makes everyone feel good. ;)

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Dec 172014

Today I want to be order to open my legs for you wide, more till you're content. My pussy is waiting with unbearable anticipation. I need to feel your mouth covering all of me, sliding the tip of your fantastic tongue into me. Make my pussy swell your tongue is so soft on my clit. I'm absolutely aching and I can feel myself throbbing against your warm mouth. Do you taste the sweet honey rolling down your throat? So insistently it's causing me to squirm. But don't penetrate me yet, just circle me with your fingers bring your mouth back to me. Tell me again just how I'm going to cum for you! Take total control for me. I can feel you hardening with each stoke as you grow. Will you give me this my lover? For I beg of you! I love the way you tease me, squirm and beg. You tell me to quiet down you'll get there but you want to feel every inch of your tongue licking me up making me sloppy wet. Then I will climb on top of you, ride you until we're both satisfied. Dear diary this is my thought of the day.

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Dec 162014

Hello all, this is my first ever blog post so I'm just going to introduce myself a little it. I did my first show last night since 2013 and I will admit I was rusty! Thank You to all who came into my room! Some one said something to me last night that made me think I should put a little bit more about myself on here. I am currently employed, a single full time mother of 2, and a student. I am going to school for Chinese Medicine so that I may eventually become an acupuncturist. I am pregnant with my third baby and started to cam again in hopes it will help me support me and my babies while I go to school so that I have more time with my kiddos.Things that are important to me are being outside away from all of the media and distractions, recycling, gardening, volunteering at my little ones school, and just being a good person as often as possible! I love traveling even though I can't do it as often any more, and I am an adventure seeker! I am also a Scorpio and have a very wild and crazy imagination! I am open to try new things and am kind of the submissive type. I have been waiting to make a regular on here to keep my busy trying new things. I like the idea of someone buying me toys from the online wish list so that we may discover them together!! So here I'll be waiting for that guy who has been looking for the same thing as I. Help me explore my sexuality now that these hormones have my panties wet at the thought of getting naughty :) ;)-SydneyLeigh

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