Aug 212014

ughhh if i had 10,000 to spend on me omg id be in heavan and be able to get pampered once in my life time ... i wud buy clothes for me and my lil son i wud get a total makeover maybe get a boob job done ive been thinkin about it my nails done try and get longer hair ...maybe look into gettin tone up and a sexii body bak lol id wud be so happy

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Aug 212014

I love to write short sex stories I have been doing it for my partners for years here is an example:it was a hot summer eve and kk was ready for cj to be home from work already she has a suprize for him she is dressed in the sexiest thing she owns dinner is ready and candles are lit she plans on starting him off with a shower then a tease of a blow job only to pause long enough to eat dinner then its sex-capades for hours her skin against his skin her letting out a soft moan every time his hands touch her breast and her clit her pussy dripping just form his touch....... that's just a sample if you want to read more let me know and ill try to post one short sex story a week

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Aug 212014

I try to be wise and practical with money, but there are a few things I would splurge on gladly.First,I would order a custom made business class laptop that I've been dreaming of saving up for. Then, I would buy at least 3 corsets and some other lingerie, and gladly post pictures here. With any remaining money, I would get an entire new wardrobe, tailored to my curves, but comfortable. In general, I'm not fashion conscious. However, I've been losing weight and want to show it off.With any money that remained, I would upgrade my entire DVD collection, to Blu-ray and get a good quality HD, flatscreen television. I'm not the typical female who hordes shoes and clothing. I get what I need and then move onto hording custom made earrings off Etsy, and nail polish. OPI is a very good brand for nail polish. Ideally, if I got that much money, I would love to pay bills with it. Doing that, gives me peace of mind and a sense that I'm controllin something. That would be followed by enrolling in online art school. My job here will allow me to have flexible hours, which is nice. That is what I would do with $10,000. I hope that gave you some insight into who I am.

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Aug 212014

My day started very well this morning .. I woke up in a good mood so although I woke up a little late .. I was with you last night and I felt very well .. I am so lucky to have I spent all day together .. and I thought of what I could wear for my friends out for dinner in town and I have not yet decided: * I will tell you after all .... you will follow me. kiss .xoxox

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Aug 202014

When it rains it pours,so just close the doors.go hide in the rain always has a mystery for adore someone singing in a short chior chorus.we must celebrate,elaborate,innovate,power of the hour on the hour.Know what you want! it's your time to shine.Sit back and unwine.stop the grind. you work too hard and too muchwork smarter.think twice take a risk and roll the with your computer mice.being rich is at a price,some of you may not have known.all luck is all gone.don't be weak,be strong.get the bottles of patron!!! that's why I'm singing this song.rat,cat,dog,bird,whole mole,gold, Everything I say does not have to rhyme.I'm a poet and it's what I do.I love it,half of my poetry doesn't make since.But I understand so I hope you have a listening ear.a non judgementle mindset and a state of laughable charecter.Alot of my words are far fetched and too far in between.Jack rabbit,hat he wore,washed up by sea shore.A lady how he adores so much.but couldn't trust always beware of the bear that creeps up on the end my friend.Catch up on lastest gossip a place so far away,can be a limit to your headache.Still a brezz like normal abc's it takes to and it takes time.So go ahead and shop,in your spotlight.

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