Apr 152014

So i'm thinking about getting my first tattoo. On my right side rib! What do you think! It is going to be hella colorful. Pinks, browns, golds, orange, yellow, white, Yup as i said very VERY colorful. With a Hungry Games theme to it. If you don't know what the Hungry Games are stop everything in your life watch the movies then audbie the books!So i'm thinking out a mockingbird perched on a cherry blossom branch and then a quote from the movie;"let the odds be ever in your favor" Then maybe i'll piece the eye of the bird like the dermal piercings in my back except wit a blue or red diamond! sounds hot! I cant wait i'm getting it done next month Been planning for two years so i'm 100 percent sure, how i want it, where i want it, and what i would like it to look like! I know this is a big tattoo but if i'm going to get a tattoo i want it to be art work. Not a rose of heart like every other girl has. it needs to mean something to me. The hungry games movie means a lot to me not just the movie itself but what it stands for. The American dream and hope. Two very strong modern subjects. I'm also aware i'm getting my tat in one of the most painful spots! OUCH! However, im willing to get it there if it means having the privacy to show it when i want to and hide it when i don't.IM SOOOOO EXTRA EXCITED!

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Apr 142014

Hello guys! I am new to this industry and becoming a Webcam Model makes me nervous. I am glad to be part of this company. The management gives the support that I need in getting started by sending me regular emails about the basic. Application process is kinda quick and as soon as the process is complete I can start broadcasting. I like how the instructions are clearly stated which allows people whose English is not the native language to understand the details of how to become successful in this field. Through this job I will not have to leave the comfort of my home and still get to have fun with new friends every now and then. I like dressing up in silly ways and sometimes not dress up at all which I can do here. ;) The fun thing about being a cam model I guess is being able to bring out the creative part of myself. I can pretend to be those I have dreamed of becoming when I was a little girl by wearing costumes. :) All about fun that's why I feel I am going to enjoy this a lot especially when I get to earn a lot more than I used to with the previous industries I was engaged to. I am looking forward to meet new people here, share same thoughts and hear new ones! XOXO Annika :*

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Apr 132014

So I have a big toy collection! My fave toy is a little pink bullet called OVO. It's made in Germany and it's the best thing ever! It's never let me down getting the job done! It has 5 different vibrating settings and just prefect for a quick get off too;-) Of course I have a a few dildos and a vibrator. There my best friends as well. I love all my toys! But my favorite is my OVO! I love going to shopping and going to porn stores and seeing the men chase me around and try to get my attention! I have a few addictions to porn stores and buying toys! I always buy 2 or 3 at a time. I love getting them as gifts as well! List of my fave toys: not in any particular orderDildosBulletsAnal plugsGlass dildosAnal beadVibratorsRopes or tape Ball gagsLeather cuffs and suchI have quite the experience and quite the imagination! I love being tied up with ropes but I have never really done true rope play. Maybe sometime I could use my toys on me in a quite setting! ;-) Well of I'm to go have fun with my pink bullet! Smooches! *olivia*

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Apr 132014

Maybe I'm crazy, but I KNOW that everyone has a list of at least 3 place they want to have sex. I definitely have wayy to many to count so I'll start with my top three.1. In a confession booth.-the adrenaline rich that comes with having sex somewhere you know you might get caught is enough to get me wet.2. Under the Eiffel Tower.- nothing wrong with a little romance. ;)3. A hot air ballon.- I know this one seems crazy, and maybe a little dangerous, but damn it'd be so sexy.xoxo

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Apr 132014

I miss the mountains, the never ending skies and the lovely areas of nothingness. Living in the mountains being snowed in during the winter(probably not ideal) but sounds so wonderful. I miss the out doors and being able to just be, growing up I spent more time out side working the farm with my dad than inside. Now as I sit hear I see myself as missing the areas I visited in my past and wanting to return to the paradise I see in my vision. With never ending skies and trees to block out others I am able to do as I please and be as nude to the mind and persons around me. who would like to join me in the venture of pure nature and living from one day to the next? Does anyone have what it takes to enjoy the outdoors and be one with me and nature? We shall see.

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