Apr 212014

When thinking of a man who would be ideal for me I Think about overall integrity. I would love to meet a man who has Strength, Intelligence and wisdom as well as a Good sense of humor,and creativity. When I say strength I don't mean Muscle either I'm talking Real Strength! Like being able to maintain his composure while being taunted by a foe or working himself to exhaustion to complete a task. Strength in stability and ability to keep himself and his loved ones Happy,healthy and safe. Intelligence Meaning able to hold a conversation about almost any subject without being a know it all. The ability to comprehend true meanings in the conversations we have and have a genuine interest in who I am not what I am! Wisdom from real life experience not a book meaning someone who has a history making decisions and how to decide what is right and wrong and what is just and compassionate. I want a man that knows how to learn from his mistakes not hide from them and give up. And last but not least a great sense of humor and creativity. I love to laugh and be entertained. Even sarcasm has its benefits and can bring me to tears laughing. I enjoy kind individuals with something real to say not jerks who intentionally try to get under my skin because they have no better way of expressing themselves. Creativity meaning anything constructive from writing to building or even gardening whatever it is that shows true compassion and dedication it what they love to do.

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Apr 212014

Hello,Im Rachel, and this is my first night in front of the cam. Ive always been the one on the other side. Im excited but nervous. My husband always tells me I got whay it takes. So lets see if I do.

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Apr 202014

This is new to me lets see how it goes ... im always online so i decided to try this out.. i am a Single mother doing things on my own so i think this will help when i was younger i did this with another websight and i liked it.well ill keeep you guys up to date Mwahxooxoxox Stacey Starr

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Apr 202014

So one of my ex boyfriends aunts told me how she does this and loves it so i decided to give it a try! I would love to be able to do more stuff in life with the help of camming! Please treat me good guys, lots of tips and private shows yes?! I dont want this to be for nothing! I went out and bought a really nice web cam and want to make this a good experience for all of you guys.! Plus im a very freaky girl if you turn me on right so doing this as a job might turn out perfect for me(: I am defiantly a people pleaser and there is nothing that turns me on more then when i see my sex partner in complete release of their cum. The way their face looks, the way their cum feels dripping all over me, the last few thrusts they push it in with! That will make me go crazy, I love knowing i could make you feel that good(: It will make me cum too(: So boys and girls come get dirty with me and help me fulfill my dreams, i will love you forever!!! Come powerboost me, tip me and take me to private, ill put on a good show for you i promise!

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Apr 192014

Its me Crimson. Hi again. I'm back for good this time. I love it here. I am back to entertain you guys. I want to go far in this. and be one of the top. I can't wait to talk to you all again I miss all of you. Lets have a great time again. This time I got better lighting. I got a better place. A better background. I can't wait! Let me know what you all have been up to. So excited to be here again. I had so much fun when I was. So whats new with you all? I have moved again and I am back in action baby. I am thinking about playing topless guitar on here more what do you all think? I think its going to be great! You should all tell me some new ideas you have for me I would love to hear it. Oh something that is new that is very sad that happened was my dog died recently. Ya my baby girl is gone. I love and miss her but she is in a better place now. Been having a rough time with that. Well if you made it to the ending of this bravo thanks for reading my blog!

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